Morning Pages inspired by Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron on Morning Pages

I haven’t kept a journal for most of my life. Once my journal was used against me in the most foul way. And after that I’ve had my massive writers block. Also, just thinking about journaling got me in a panic. So even though my writers impulse have leaked out now and then trough the years. I have not been able to journal. Not even Bullet Journaling (which i tried about a year or so ago) did anything other then get me into a right state.

Cut to this spring and summers seismic changes. I found myself not only wanting, but very willing to write, write, write. I filled notebooks with poetry and short stories. But I also found myself writing stream of consciousness reflective texts.

As I neared my decision to start blogging again to be able to share my writing with the world. I also started to think about affecting more changes to my creative drive and courage. So I quizzed a friend who lives by a goal setting regime, I read about the 5am club, I surfed the web. Searching for something that suited me.

Leading me to an journaling article that mentioned Morning Pages.
Three pages of anything written in longhand, with pen on paper, every morning.

So three week ago, I started.

At first there where some resistance to the idea of just writing whatever. Nothing that’s supposed to become anything productive at all.
Guess if my good girl programming have a problem with that.

Also there where some residual fear of really committing inner thoughts and feeling to paper. Where theoretically they could be found and read.

So, some mornings it feels a bit forced. Or I notice that I’m circling something I want to write about instead of just writing it. But most mornings my mind complains about being tired, hop from one subject to the next, finds new things to reflect upon, summaries something from the day before or write a list for the coming day.

I wouldn’t say it’s an habit yet. But I have noticed it feels natural to pick up the journal first thing in the morning. Just this morning I had decided to wait until my commute to write because I had an unusual early start today. Instead I found myself picking the journal up, thinking I can get at least one page written before I have to go.

I don’t think it’s a quick fix (nothing really is). And my depression, anxiety and whirlwind mind still give me really bad days. But I’m surprised at how much more mindfulness I have throughout the day. How much less chaos there is in my mind, making thoughts and emotions much clearer and easier to understand.

So I’ll keep on with my morning pages! What do you do to start your day?


My mother always told me you see
That I was maladroit whenever I were just me
So I learned all the social rules
Greetings, small talk, which fork to use
Anywhere I could now fit in
But the lie of it felt like a sin
My mother told me to stop my folly
A girl like me would never be accepted wholly
‘Be what everyone else wants you to be
See how well it worked for me’
So I tried, I really did
to keep who I am hid
It worked in it’s own fashion
wholly smothered my hearth and passion
Now I choose a different way
I am me every day
And I found Mother’s words true to be
There is very little acceptance for someone like me


Inspired by Weekend Mini Challenge with Kim from Writing in North Norfolk.
Also posted to Poets United Poetry Pantry.

Mind abuzz

English Honey Bee

Yesterday I wrote poetry about bees, as a clear challenge to my inner critics, censurs and saboteurs. They didn’t like that!
Today they’re clamoring for me to see all my shortcomings and mistakes. And like true quibblers inform me that a poem was not in the regular schedule.

At the same time. I’m genuinely content with my work. And both a bit overwhelmed, and happy, grateful, humbled by the positive response.
Enough to make me wanna do it again! ;-)

So it’s a roller coaster whirlwind day.

Bee ~ For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Honey/Bee

Synapses firing, thoughts flying, soul buzzing
Heartbreak withered flowers
Cruelty poisoned soil
Gaslighting overcast sun
No nectar of love, closeness, passion
No honeycomb of friendship, trust, love
Autumn arrived
Winter approaching
Seeking new meadows
A tree with sturdy roots
Safe bough for a new hive
Spring will bring new growth
New flowers of friendship, trust, love


For Suamas promt Poets United Midweek Motif – Honey/Bee

Mesolithic rock painting of a honey hunter harvesting honey and wax from a bees nest in a tree. At Cuevas de la Araña en Bicorp. (Dating around 8000 to 6000 BC)
Mesolithic rock painting of a honey hunter harvesting honey and wax from a bees nest in a tree. At Cuevas de la Araña en Bicorp. (Dating around 8000 to 6000 BC)

Between “ Who I Was ” And “Who I Want To Be” — Human Performance Psychology

I love when the world is synchronous and something pops up that explain or sum up, or clarify something about my own life path. Like a new song with lyrics that’s just right, or like the below article which very clearly explain where I’m at right now. Between one self and another.

Who am I? Who am I now? I’ve been talking recently with a client who I’ll call Robert. A bright guy who’s moved way up in the high tech industry. But he’s not a happy camper. For a few years now, he’s been thinking of getting out, shifting to his first love: he wants to […]

Between “ Who I Was ” And “Who I Want To Be” — Human Performance Psychology

Lot in Life

Life is not easy for most of homo sapiens sapiens. That’s one of the reasons to show compassion for your fellow human.

Still in both happiness and despair there is degrees.

Where in the bell curve of what we call normal did you get born?
What life choices were made for you by nature herself while you lay gestating in the womb.

Are you a cis-straight male or female? You probably are, most are.
On the other hand, they might not be the audience for this.
So who knows?


If you belong to the set of cis-straight males and females, your life might still end up pure hell. But it will never do so because you want to live life like your true authentic self.

Bisexual, polyamorous, homosexual, transsexual, asexual, intersexual, pansexual, polysexual, dominant, submissive…

As you can see, I can never make a whole list.

But all freaks and queers are included.

Consenting adults are free to live and love! At least in truth if not reality.

In reality everyone not within the bounds of normalcy, get to fight their whole life for the right to live as who they are.

That’s my destiny.

What’s yours?


Foto: Jonas Norén

Your fingers from the nape of my neck down the spine
Your hands up my sides to cup and pinch
Your mouth on my skin to kiss and nibble
Breath catches
Your body close to mine, rubbing and teasing
Heart races
Your eyes on mine to see my wanting and desire
Lustful eyes
Your cock enter slowly, deeply, staying
Back arches
Your grip hold my hips as you start to move
Kundalini awakens
Your pace increases, slamming hard and fast
Your coming triggers mine, waves upon waves crest
Reality fades


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