My story

I have a story to tell that fits among the horror section.
A story I would rather not have to share.
I really don’t want to relive it in thought or text.
And I don’t want to spend misery around.

If I were a superhero it would be my origin story.
As a creative soul it is the key.
The story I have to tell to unlock myself as a writer, an artist, a proud survivor.

It will be a journey filled with pain.
But in the end I hope for deliverance.
A fresh start.
Clearing out old mental cobwebs.

Healing more by accepting more love and understanding.
Maybe even from strangers out there on the world wide web.

Growing as a person by not hiding who I am, what I am, and why I am.

Trusting that however quirky and weird my life has made me,
there are people out there that will accept me as I am.
Hoping that there are more good than bad people out there.
People with whom I could share my road.

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