Stable ground

I said something recently about having to find stable ground to stand on in order to be able to act in your own best interest.

I don’t mean wait until you feel better, I mean find some ray of light, a straw of hope, hold it dear and near, remind yourself often that there is hope, that things will get better if you work to make it better.

Then you have a sliver of stable ground to act as your first stepping stone. To make some small positive change. Which leads to more stable ground to hold the new life you’re building.

I’m not saying it’s easy, if you’re down enough, seeing any ray of hope, can be near impossible, or it hurts to much to admit there’s hope, because admitting it is one of the first steps of recovery.

Another thing I’ve learned trough the years is that you have to build your own stable ground. Sure you can lean on friends, loved ones or professionals, but you can’t borrow another’s serenity, peace, happiness, stability, inspiration, creativity or motivation. You have to have your own.

Now that my block, resistance and fear of writing is gone. I’ve recently started a real effort to see if journaling can be beneficial to me. It seems to raise people’s mindfulness, and I sure could use some. I’ll update you on how that turns out later.

I’m telling you this because I only managed to start after being shown some hope, leaning on someone for a bit, daring to be inspired by what another had accomplished. Then taking that energy and use it to propel me forward.

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