Weekend special – Richie Hawtin at Berns, Stockholm

Berns is a historical building in the heart of Stockholm. It was once the space for dashing bachelors in the late nineteenth hundreds. Two of August Strindberg‘s books are named after salons here.

Today it’s a hotel, restaurant and nightclub. I’ve been here more times than I can count. Graduation dinner in one of the private rooms, dinner at Berns Asiatiska, afternoon tea. And lots, and lots of times for music and dancing.
I love the big hall, with big crystal chandeliers and a real wooden floor. There is few better floor for dancing a night in this town.

Richie Hawtin

So when it was released that the legend Richie Hawtin where going to be playing in town for the first time in eleven years, tickets had to be bought.
Last time I had a chance to dance to this genius, was eight years ago, in Sitges, Spain, with the Mediterranean sea just a stone-trow away.
The place was packed, both in the basement and the big hall. Standing near the front was no idea if you’re like me.

I go out to DANCE!!!

So I did what I always do. I found a spot with booth ok sound and enough space to dance my heart out. Mr Hawtin of course made that really easy. ;-)

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