Foto: Jonas Norén

Your fingers from the nape of my neck down the spine
Your hands up my sides to cup and pinch
Your mouth on my skin to kiss and nibble
Breath catches
Your body close to mine, rubbing and teasing
Heart races
Your eyes on mine to see my wanting and desire
Lustful eyes
Your cock enter slowly, deeply, staying
Back arches
Your grip hold my hips as you start to move
Kundalini awakens
Your pace increases, slamming hard and fast
Your coming triggers mine, waves upon waves crest
Reality fades


One thought on “Shower

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  1. When I discover a writer I like, new to me, I always read their first post, although I think I have read you before, but anyway I liked your first post, this line I like… Your grip hold my hips as you start to move… that is always an exciting moment.

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