Lot in Life

Life is not easy for most of homo sapiens sapiens. That’s one of the reasons to show compassion for your fellow human.

Still in both happiness and despair there is degrees.

Where in the bell curve of what we call normal did you get born?
What life choices were made for you by nature herself while you lay gestating in the womb.

Are you a cis-straight male or female? You probably are, most are.
On the other hand, they might not be the audience for this.
So who knows?


If you belong to the set of cis-straight males and females, your life might still end up pure hell. But it will never do so because you want to live life like your true authentic self.

Bisexual, polyamorous, homosexual, transsexual, asexual, intersexual, pansexual, polysexual, dominant, submissive…

As you can see, I can never make a whole list.

But all freaks and queers are included.

Consenting adults are free to live and love! At least in truth if not reality.

In reality everyone not within the bounds of normalcy, get to fight their whole life for the right to live as who they are.

That’s my destiny.

What’s yours?

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