My mother always told me you see
That I was maladroit whenever I were just me
So I learned all the social rules
Greetings, small talk, which fork to use
Anywhere I could now fit in
But the lie of it felt like a sin
My mother told me to stop my folly
A girl like me would never be accepted wholly
‘Be what everyone else wants you to be
See how well it worked for me’
So I tried, I really did
to keep who I am hid
It worked in it’s own fashion
wholly smothered my hearth and passion
Now I choose a different way
I am me every day
And I found Mother’s words true to be
There is very little acceptance for someone like me


Inspired by Weekend Mini Challenge with Kim from Writing in North Norfolk.
Also posted to Poets United Poetry Pantry.

28 thoughts on “Maladroit

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  1. The world is so harsh on those of us who are different from the conventional norms.. keep being you .. and one day they will appreciate you for you :)

  2. It’s so sad that society and too many parents won’t let children be themselves, that we must conform from an early age. It’s a strain to hide yourself, so hooray for defiance and being yourself, or whoever you want to be!

  3. That is the challenge, isn’t it? Being happy with being who you are when no one else is. Hopefully we all find at least one or two dear ones who see and accept us as we ere. Very well written!

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