Lament to my Mother

Why did you set your self-loathing in my mind
Why did you set me up to perpetually doubt myself
Why did you set my heart to feeling inherently wrong
Why did you set in me a belief that I’m unworthy of every kindness


44 word quadrille for Merril’s prompt on dVerse.

This piece is one of those that flow out of my pen instead of tears rolling down my cheeks. Afterwards I feel drained, but also cleansed. Ans sometimes like in this case they lead to follow-up posts.
Ruminations on ~ Lament to my Mother.

25 thoughts on “Lament to my Mother

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  1. Seems a lot of angst to carry in your backpack. For some things there are no answers. Best to let them go. You are your own unique self. You ARE worthy!

  2. I have friends who have or had narcissitic and borderline personality mothers. It is so sad. Makes you wonder how they were raised. I am blessed in that I had a loving and supportive mother who died two summers ago.I miss her dreadfully. I hope you learn that it isn’t your fault and that you will be realize you are more than worthy.

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