Fall circle

Fall dawn, fog heavy
Mom, it’s like ghost’s everywhere
Light slowly diffusing

Fall morning, dewy clean
Mom, sugar-skulls are happy skeletons
Fog burns away

Fall lunch, sun warm
Mom, falling leaves sounds funny
Fiery fall trees

Fall afternoon, light golden
Mom, can we bake cinnamon-buns
Homely stove smells

Fall evening, dark falling
Mom, spooky bedtime story please
Hearth home warms

Fall night, full-moon rising
Mom, evoke blessings, cast protection
Sky-clad in ritual


Also posted to Poetry Pantry #496.

12 thoughts on “Fall circle

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  1. It sounds like the narrator has a wonderful mom! Who knows all the things a small child loves. I especially love the fog like ghosts and the light diffusing. I can SEE it, having looked out on that scene at the farm so many mornings.

    1. I have to thank my oldest for that one. I saw cosy fog, he saw trails of ghosts everywhere. Made for a fun walk to school while I made fog slightly spooky weather, perfect for ghost stories, instead.

      Oh I miss fall mornings out in the country. ❤️

  2. You have really captured some of the rituals of autumn here.You have ‘painted’ autumn as a wonderful time. I love the photo you used as well. Definitely the essence of fall!

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