Forest Queen

Illustration from Johan Egerkrans book - Nordiska Väsen
Illustration from Johan Egerkrans book – Nordiska Väsen

Dark bewildering forest
Cathedral of pine and fir

Deer and elk carry her
Squirrels run her errands
Foxes are her spies
Lynxes silent sentries
Bear-warriors her men at arms
Wolfs her honor guard

Respect the Queen of the Forest
Protect her trees
Care for all her animals
Give thanks for her bounty

And the woods will always be
A haven to those that know
The way of the forest Rå


Written for Sanaa’s prompt on Imaginary garden with real toads,
Weekend mini-challenge: Take a chance and step into the mythical realm.
Also posted to Poetry Pantry #498.

15 thoughts on “Forest Queen

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      1. I love John Bauer’s paintings. I’ve actually visited a forest preserve in Sweden that looks like his forests. Truly magical.
        I’m also quite fond of the music piece, In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg. And of course Gnomes (Trolltyg i tomteskogen)

  1. Oh she is absolutely ravishing both in your words and imagery! ❤️ I love; “Lynxes silent sentries/Bear-warriors her men at arms/Wolfs her honor guard.” Thank you so much for writing to the prompt :D

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