All Hallows ~ Prosery 5

When the leaves fall.
Sorrow descends.
As light trickles out of the world.
Grief reappear.

The grass is still green, but crackles with hoarfrost as I walk over it.
Through the trees I see dark shapes moving, huddling together for comfort.
Candles flickering. Wreaths of offering and reminiscence.

The world smells like death and decay, rot and mold.
The fiery colours of autumn turning into every shade of earth and bones.
This is the barrenness of harvest or pestilence.
We only reap what we sow.

My soul heavy with love for lost ones.
My heart grateful for life, love.
My mind full of memories.
My feet heavy with the burden of death.

I kneel in the groove of remembrance.
Steady my heart.
Breath in.
Hold all that love, life, laugh in my hands.
Light the candle.
Send all that energy out into the universe.

Also posted to dVerse, Prosery 5 ~ All Hallows

4 thoughts on “All Hallows ~ Prosery 5

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  1. “I kneel in the groove of remembrance” … what an absolutely fantastic line! Autumn is a happy time for me, and I have trouble identifying with the feeling of sadness it seems to invoke in others. Your poem is a great write!

  2. I really think you have captured the true nature of what All Hallows should be about. Remembrance and lighting that candle. Louise Glück’s poem has that fantastic ending which revokes the dead child that I think I sense also in your poem … excellent writing.

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