No baggage

It didn’t register at first.

Then slowly it did.
You didn’t see my scars.
You actually thought me normal.

That haven’t happened before
when I connect intimately with someone.

At first it amazed me. 
And made me proud of myself.
It felt amazing to pass in the world of the unscathed.

I where tempted to keep mum about my history.
Pretend for a while I’m like everyone else.

Not risk that look of contempt and disgust.
Or the blinders of denial going on.

All the ways people have backed away after they know.
In the end though, I’m honest with myself a well as others.
And I want an honest connection.

So whatever happens, happens.

Now, from the bottom of my heart.
I hope that you will still be able to see the person I am now. 
As you saw me before you knew.


Also posted to Susan’s prompt at United Poets Midweek Motif ~ Authenticity

This poem, I wrote a couple of months ago, after I made a new acquaintance, who very quickly became a new friend, and thankfully stayed a friend, even after having to face the darkness that comes with my history.

11 thoughts on “No baggage

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  1. Well captured–the astonishing acceptance, the temptation to remain invulnerable, and the decision to be vulnerable. I like the poem ending as it does–but I’m glad you told us the outcome. Bravo!

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