Fire and Ice

Wiki commons

In the last weeks of fall, as the North bundles up
for the first snows of winter.

Australia and California clear brush and dig firebreaks,
brace for the start of fire season.

Two versions of Hell on Earth. Both the fiery Christian version, and the frozen halls of Hel, dreaded by even the toughest viking.

Wiki commons

This is the future, when Gaia heats up, due to human interference.
All weather patterns will have worse extreme points.
Where it is hot an dry, it will get hotter an dryer, interceded by wet delunges. Where it’s cold, it might get balmier for a while, but then either the polar vortex will weaken and the weather get wacc-y or the Gulf-stream will shift due to the polar ice cap melting. And the North hemisphere will have The Clan of the Cave Bear conditions.

I wrote this while seeing the first flakes of snow outside my window, as I read and watched images of the apocalyptic fires.
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18 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

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  1. Yes, predictions are for polar temperatures across Canada this winter. And yet, the tundra and the ice are melting in the far north and polar bears are confused at the shifting terrain. Sigh.

    1. That – Warm Arctic, Cold Continents – thing where the heating of the pole and all that frozen tundra continues, while the continents get polar temperatures instead really surprised me. But Nature really is a ecosystem so big and complex, our understanding and knowledge of what hurts that system, and what happens then, is really lacking.

  2. Humankind can’t even like each other so why on earth would they care for the planet that nourishes them? All they want is to make more money than others while the planet suffers at their stupid behaviour.

    1. I wish you where wrong… But wishing won’t get any change, so hopefully enough people that do care will raise their voices. And yes, I really do try to keep some hope that humanity could do better…

    1. To me it feels like most governments ignore whatever warnings they should have listen to. Thereby fooling their constituents. When the truth that we need to change our way of life have been there to find for quite some time.

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