Life in words

My Story by Karina llergo  (used with permission)

Tried to live life
devoid of a muse
That way lies darkness
dwindling until translucent
a faded photo of true self
The answer lies
within the ink of a pen
Trough it heart mind soul
flow onto paper
Words full of meaning
with symbols paint the image
the hand can’t sketch
As the words in poetry take flight
Heart swell with love
Mind fills with thanks
Soul shines with life


Written for today’s prompt at toads; Bits of Inspiration ~ My Story

The breathtaking image is by Karina llergo, funnily enough, tough there is so much movement here, so much that makes me think of my love for dance. My poetry took another direction. :-)

9 thoughts on “Life in words

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  1. How it is truly dark without a muse. I like how you traveled from dark to ink wings of poetry. Beautiful..Thank you so much for taking part in the prompt!

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