Ode to a dancer


Your movement is mesmerizing enchanting
Your body radiating exuberance
Your eyes sparkle with joy

Sharing the bliss of dance with us all
Teaching how to be in the moment of movement
A guiding star to follow

All these words and more I would pen for you
As many as it takes to show my gratitude
After all, the smile on your face, the energy you give

Have led me back to a path thought lost
Rekindled a passion smothered
Showed that honing your skill will always pay off

I thank the fates for putting you in my life

In gusting autumn winds
bare bowers sway like
arms of dancers.

Written for dVerse. First time trying this format. Hope it’s mostly right… Written on the fly, will fix formatting later.

5 thoughts on “Ode to a dancer

Add yours

    1. Thank you. This format I’ll need to practice apparently. Where focusing so hard on the last stanza containing the right amount of syllables, so everything else got a bit lost. This has been a learning experience. :-)

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