Dance show


Waiting in the wings.
Anticipation, elation, a frisson of nerves.
Three grounding breaths.
Visualization, a touch of prayer.
Time to go on.

My heart beat quickens.
Muscles taunt, ready to go,
release this frozen pose.

The crowd cheers, whistles, clap.
Spotlights blinding little suns.
Music deafening.

My body moves in well rehearsed patterns.
My mind flooded with the energy from the crowd,
the high of being in the spotlight.
My smile is both totally rehearsed
and fully authentic.

Happiness and joy of dancing
swirls through the theater.
A crescendo builds…
Suddenly I’m in the final pose.
Frozen again.

The crowd erupts in cheers and applause.
My heart beats frantically, my breath hot and fast,
my body shivering in the heights of artistic joy.
I take a bow, draw in and fill up on adulation.
Already looking forward to next time.


End of term show weekend, so my mind is firmly on dancing! ;-)

This piece I wrote a rough draft of half a year ago at last seasons shows.

Also posted to Pantry of Poetry and Prose #6

7 thoughts on “Dance show

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  1. Oh, beautifully described! It is similar for performance poetry, with words instead of dance (and – usually – without the music).

    [Btw typo (I think). Do you mean ‘Muscles taut’ in second verse? Rather than ‘taunt’.]

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