Night Walks – Inspired by Charles Dickens

Raad Van Kerken, Amsterdam

Some nights are special
The magic lantern is lit
Walking the streets and boroughs
Takes an otherworldly turn
Nightlife eddies and flows
Bright lights shine
Deep shadows rule
Travellers, revellers
Societies invisibles
In the diffuse glow of the lantern
The human worlds most shadowy existences gleam


I’m an avid walker and like long rambles trough cities, towns and all manner of nature. For years I had the habit of “getting lost” on purpose. Meaning take as many new and unknown turn as possible towards a known goal. This has lead to many lovely walks, discoveries and inspiration. So I do it as often as I can.

I tend to be a bit like that when reading on the web. The other day I read an article about Charles Dickens and the emergence of modern Christmas celebrations in Britain and elsewhere. I found an exhibit in London to visit, read more about Dickens and his Christmases. And about his habit for rambling night walks. There I found my inspiration in an essay called Night Walks, “based on his moonlit rambles through the capital’s streets”.

Also posted to OpenLinkNight #257 at dVerse.

8 thoughts on “Night Walks – Inspired by Charles Dickens

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  1. These lines stood out for me:
    ‘Societies invisibles
    In the diffuse glow of the lantern’
    which reminded me of life in the city – we don’t have this in the countryside, where there are no street lights. But we have the stars!

  2. This is incredibly eloquent! 💝 I love; “In the diffuse glow of the lantern/The human worlds most shadowy existences gleam.”

  3. Travelers and revellers, certain people of the night present an other-worldly society far removed from that of the daytime city. Your words took me there.

  4. This brought back memories of some fantastic night walks I have had while traveling. One in particular, in Venice. So many people just come for the day and at night only the locals are about.

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