Prayer for awakening

Call upon whatever power you desire
Divine or human higher self to suit your taste
Go at it with heart, mind, soul
Hope, work, pray
For humanity to unite
Evolve beyond ego
Merge into a planet-wide tribe of caring individuals
Remember the wisdom
All that which makes us unique, special
Are that which unites us
We are all different, but the same
All wholly unique and one part of a long continuum
No person alone can save us all
Together we can save ourselves


Written for Sheery’s prompt at Imaginary garden with real Toads ~ WORDY FRIDAY WITH WILD WOMAN: STAYING STRONG IN A WORLD OF CLIMATE CRISIS.

I’ve written quite a few pieces all-ready about the environmental disaster we’re facing, and not showing much hope, so thanks for making me go in a more hopeful direction.

Will we awake?
Fire and Ice
Future Forgiveness

16 thoughts on “Prayer for awakening

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  1. A planet-wide tribe of caring individuals. In fact, that is what we are. Sadly world leaders create a lot of human suffering, not to mention environmental degradation. We need to elect evolved leaders, and press for legislated change. It is hard to be hopeful, yet hope we must. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.

  2. “Merge into a planet-wide tribe of caring individuals” and that connection is what continues to give us hope. Beautifully written! Thanks for the follow on I Write Her. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. :)

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