We had one summer of dance beneath the moon
One summer of laughter and joy
One summer of love and passion

As the Hunter’s moon rose full over the land
We had one last dancing embrace
One last lingering kiss
One last look, already full of longing

I’ll always remember the look in your eyes
Always remember the feel of your body next to mine
You’ll always have a place in my heart and soul

Fare thee well my love


Written for December Writing Prompt #3 at Free verse revolution.

Gift Rhymes

www.Pixel.la Free Stock Photos [CC0]

In Sweden we have this tradition of writing rhymes that hint at what your Christmas presents contains. We celebrate on Christmas Eve.
The day starts with what my children call Santa porridge (Swedish rice pudding). The adults try to prep for the feast while the kids wait for presents. Many sit down at three o’clock to watch a traditional Disney medley on telly. Then go on to have the biggest dinner of the year – Julbord.

When dinner is cleared away, it’s time for the gifts under the three, or maybe delivered by the neighbor dressed as Santa. Many families have a tradition of everyone sitting around opening one gift at a time, round and round, until all gifts are opened. The gift rhymes are for many part of this tradition.

photochem_PA from State College, PA, USA [CC BY 2.0]

This gift might rattle
Many sided polyhedrons for battle
Land to farm for food
Markets for the shrewd
Mountains to mine for ore
Magic forests to explore
Trough the rules will be unfurled
How to be the ruler of this world

This is for thee
Found under the tree
A set of three

One handy in size for notable everyday moments
One sultry black for noting those black torments
One ruby red for novellas in your sensual parlance

All year round I wish thee well
Blank lines for my hearts mademoiselle
Empty pages for your muse to indwell

No, I’m sorry to say
I don’t carry cash today

But, wait. Don’t go…
I have this bag of clothes for goodwill today
You can have first pick
What do you say?

Yes, I know this leads to stares
We remind all these commuters here today
The holidays are for sharing good fortunes
At least, that’s what we all say


Written for the last prompt of the year at dVerse ~ Meet the bar with gift rhymes, where Björn shared this Swedish tradition. As guessing are part of it I haven’t told you what my two first presents contain. Can you guess?

I will however tell you that the last rhyme is a scene from real life.

Library of Congress [Public domain]

Yesteryear cheer

The year is up my dear
Time for some witchiness, don’t fear
To burn old habits make you clear

Papers to the numbers of three
Pen what you’re willing to shed, feel free
Put all your in emotions, apply with glee

As you light your flame
Say a prayer, not to stay the same
Burn your doubts, put fear to shame!


Felt the need for some lightheartedness! :-)
Written for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Year’s End.
If you want a more serious view of my Solstice ritual read this years prayer.

December Moon

Rolf Dietrich Brecher from Germany [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Long night moon, last light
before midwinter
Lend your shine
to the crown on the maiden
Guide her steps
as she seeks the shadow hidden self

Wolf moon, silver light
upon dark lands
Lend your clear sight
to the eyes of the mother
Guide her hands
as she steers her den and pups through winter

Elder moon, eternal light
keeper of mysteries
Lend your divine wisdom
to the heart of the crone
Guide her words
as she teaches the young and prepare to move on


Written for this years last full moon on December 12th.

Also posted to Pantry of Poetry and Prose #8 at Poets United.

In the darkness of soul

Mike Behnken [CC BY 2.0]

You and I were never more
than a fantasy within a dream
A great whirlwind romance
never felt with swelling hearts
A happily ever after
never built with loves first blush
Or eyes shared
all those unlived futures
Our kisses said
all those unsaid endearments
Our bodies revelled
in a taste of unfelt passions
In trust we shared our inner minds
Honesty the means
to experience another reality
Apart now
yet connected
I will love you
in the darkness of soul


Written for this weekend mini-challenge at Toads ~ 13 Poetic Bits of Kerry.
I fell for the tenth “bit of Kerry”, the last stansa of my poem – “I will love you
in the darkness of soul”
from Sonnet 42 by Kerry O’Connor.
I too am grateful to have found the pond, even thou I barely had had time to dip my toes.

Saint Lucia

Walters Art Museum [Public domain]

Fair maiden
come to rekindle the light
Hymn signing
sung to heavens delight
Not a word sung
about your saintly fight
As a woman
with your own goal in sight
Condemned by men
to suffering without respite
To write your praises
my hopes reignite


Claudia Gründer [CC BY-SA 3.0]

All trough childhood and adolescence I where one of those girls that sang like the angels in Lucia processions. In Sweden it’s all about upcoming midwinter and celebrating the returning light. Also the protestant church don’t have saints so the real symbolism of the story of Saint Lucia of Syracuse has gotten lost along the way.

Also posted to OpenLinkNight #256 at dVerse. Which is why this poem is in the dVerse form of a Quadrille – a poem of 44 words, not counting the titel.

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