Rise above


Rise up, my dove.
Rise up!

Don’t give up, my love
Don’t give up!

You need comfort and love, my dear
But I fear, my dear
You’ll have to dry your tears
Fight for life sincere

Rise above, my dear
Rise above!


Been working on music and echo poetry lately so here’s a short thing I wrote after watching Gentleman Jack on HBO.

Also posted to The music of alliteration, assonance, and consonance hosted by Björn at dVerse.

This is a dream

This is a dream
To redeem those that gleam
With sulfur steam and scream

This is a dream
With a whole other theme
Brought via moonbeam

This is a dream
That’s more than it seem
Just follow the stream

This is a dream
With a daydream scheme
Rising the heat of the bloodstream

This is a dream
Kissed by sunbeam and cream
Rest safely supreme in this dream


Written for Thursday Poetics with Lillian at dVerse.

Another dream sent by Selene.

Wild words

When wild women
Walk writer warrior word way
Willow wand waft wildwood Wonder
Weave whimsical wordsmith wreath
Witchy warcry warble
Wild wolf wisdom within weal
Who wash wrongdoers weight
Warm wonder within wayward women
Walk wild witchy wood wander way
Writing word wonders waits


Written for Quadrille #96: Wild Monday at dVerse.
44 words not counting the title.



Anticipation is making me

Such a thrill
Waiting for wishes to

As thoughts of you near

All a tingle
Even before our bodies

I tremble
As touch-thirst is finally


Written for Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- January 28, 2020 at Go Dog Go Café.
Nearly made it a quadrille for dVerse also, but had another Wild idea.
So will have to come back to finding the last 8 words.

Hive kids

Karalevna25 [CC BY 4.0]

Everyday at dawn and dusk.
The hive kids are taking out to dust.
To jolly run hither and thither.
Smearing pollen on their pollen collective Wings.
Then darting to the next plantation to fertilize the next generations of crop and flower.

Once we had small flying insects for the job.
But since they all got wiped in the sixth extinction.
We used to smallest, cutest, happiest, kids from the climate refugee camps. Their life is much better in the Honey Hives than outside.


Written for weekly challenge: THE ANIMALS OF CLIMATE CHANGE at earthweal.
Another take on how I feel about all those living things perishing because of humans – She-wolf – another eartweal post of mine.

weekly challenge: THE ANIMALS OF CLIMATE CHANGE — earthweal

By Sherry Marr It has been a hard month, with kangaroos and koalas burning, suffering and dying in the Australian wildfires. Due to drought (and unregulated corporations buying up fresh water sources), rivers are drying up. Thousands of platypus have perished, among the billion beings lost. I nearly lost it when someone proposed shooting 10,000 […]

weekly challenge: THE ANIMALS OF CLIMATE CHANGE — earthweal

Kept in your keep — Björn Rudbergs writings

Bind me tightly, silkroped to the kneeling of your craving. Keep me secret, padlocked to the sliver of your heartbeats. Strip me naked, tightroped to the turrets of your passion. Leave me tethered, tonguetied to the silence of your breathing. Keep me boldly kept. The word for Kim’s quadrille today at dVerse is keep. You […]

Kept in your keep — Björn Rudbergs writings

I might not have been in mind to write sensual for a while. Luckily there’s others out there that does it on a whole other level. Here’s one of my favorite poets out there. ❤️

Enjoy your weekend!

Deceptive mirage

The door is left open
Another try to seduce me through
See the blue sky
The inviting waters
All this could be yours yours
Just leave all that’s You at the door
Accept insignificance and abuse
Paradise surface your reward

Or stay in the barren desert
Scraping by alone
Thinking you can craft a way out
Syllable by syllable
Word upon word
Imagining a world
Without abuse


Written for Sunday Muse # 92.

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