Imagine anew

Strawberry Fields in Central Park, NYC

There’s a choice!

That’s a fact!

Imagine a world
Where united humans strive together
Towards the common goal
Caring for each and every individual
Taking care of our home
Taking steps to clean up the chaos we made
Working towards a healthy planet and evolving humanity

Imagine a world where small factions make war
Commit genocide over scarce resources
Clean water, arable land
A world where whole nations are wiped off the map
Where continents worth of people
Flee a raging planet




Written for earthweal open link weekend #1.
Also a retake on a Real Toads prompt I felt I didn’t do justice, Imagine.
And which lends itself to so much inspiration.

The Imagine Peace Tower , Iceland

12 thoughts on “Imagine anew

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  1. Didn’t you alter the second stanza? This version asks us to imagine the alternatives; its much more arresting and forceful. A very potent way to imagine the crossroads.

  2. Such a clear choice. The first choice being to elect governments who will LEGISLATE the tough changes needed to force compliance, especially from corporations. My frustration is that that is not happening. I do like the way you clearly set out the choice before humankind. Well done.

  3. It IS a fact! Imagine, choosing not to participate in the dominant paradigm. Imagine if so many chose otherwise as to make a real difference, to create something new and real and nurturing.

  4. I like the challenge to imagine the two choices. Which will it be? I think that sadly in the end we’ll get what we deserve. Just as they say we get the government we deserve, which is so damn depressing.

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