Selene’s lullaby

Albert Aublet 1880 [Public domain]

In the deep blue sky
Luminescent Selene preside

Bathe skyclad in moonlight
Her magic blood ignite

Then go to enchanted rest
The Goddess will send a quest

Sound of light dream’s vivify
As Selene sings her lullaby


Written for Weekly Scribblings #1: January is here, with winds that blow kisses at Poets and Storytellers United. I didn’t feel any inspiration at first, then I took a long walk in the clear moonlight…

For this Weekly Scribblings edition, we’re asked to pick any three words from the given word list that fit the mood/theme of our prose or poem and write on a topic of our choice.

amaryllis – somewhat – percussion – darkness – grapefruit
deep – cast – warmth – blood – touch
gravel – twilight – lips – sky – sleep
bedside – scones – fervour – harbinger – cogitation

10 thoughts on “Selene’s lullaby

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  1. This is so lovely!💝 I love the image of ‘skyclad in moonlight,’ and can feel the magic coursing through this poem. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt :D

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