She arrives in dreams
The white she-wolf
Nipping and yipping
Around the Soul
Until it’s fully awake
Conscious of the surrounding Wildwood

One eye shines with sky-wisdom
The other, by now ferocious ruby red
Colour of mega-fires
Shade of blood for all the fallen animal-kin

Her howl echoes
A billion souls burnt

Call that reverberate to the bone
Dream-sound break the hush
Stir archetypes awake

Nature are poisoned
Out of balance
A continent burning

The wild howl will break sleep
Until the fallen are remembered


Written for Sunday Muse #90 and Sunday’s Whirligig 248 and earthweal open link weekend #2.
Also posted to Writers’ Pantry #2: Storms and Stones and Warmth.

THIS WEEK’S WHIRLIGIG WORDS come from “To the New Year” by W.S. Merwin: touch, sound, dove, tips, know, hopes, calls, age, hush, hears, stir, possible.

26 thoughts on “She-wolf

Add yours

    1. I just wish we would have reacted before apocalyptic conditions. I often felt like a lone howling animal. Because consumerism, the next buy, are way more important to most.
      I’d rather not be the megaphone, but then hope sets in, and if I can change only one person that matter…

  1. I couldn’t help but think of the fires in Australia and the wolf’s grief. I felt your poem vividly and sensed an anger from the wolf. Perhaps it’s my own anger at what is happening with our earth.

  2. So powerful, that one eye shining with sky wisdom, the other, sadly full of the fires raging……..your closing lines are powerful and perfect. If we dont hear this message, we are doomed indeed. It couldnt get much louder.

  3. Beautiful but dangerous – loving to its pack and yet a top of the food chain animal. If they could hate like humans, just imagine what their revenge would be like …

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