Restless rest

Terry Marks, Nightmare in a Mirror

Haunted nights
Disrupted sleep
Grinding theeth

Heart-longed ghosts
Reawaken grief
Daylight seize

Angry wraiths
Trauma made
Flashback gave

Phantom could-have-been
Raises fear
Near-miss dear

Lonely-heart specter
Honest trust
Hope dust

Shades erupting
Legions burned
Can humans learn

Poet quills
Nighttime fills
Worrywart stills


I’ve had a couple of weeks of restless rest. The death-rebirth energies surrounding midwinter tends to do that. Especially if you work with yourself then.

Add to that the realization that climate change is not longer a thing of the future. Climate emergency is NOW. So we should ACT NOW. Stop consuming so much! Choose better materials. Work towards not using fossil fuels. And so on and so forth. All the things I feel like a broken record for repeating again, and again, and again.

As icing on the cake comes angst as a beloved friend, and several others, had a near miss with death. Senseless violence that’s probably aimed at someone, but shows total lack of care for human life. Again, loss of life is down to sheer coincidences. I really don’t want to live in a world where some think blowing a bomb, nearly talking a building, is a correct response to anything!

Poem written for weekly challenge: GHOSTS at earthweal.

8 thoughts on “Restless rest

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  1. The angst of the possible can take on a ghostlike dreaming persona, invading space, disturbing the peace, whispering the dreadful. How to preserve the walled garden inside ourselves, especially now when a world threatens in so many ways? Wish I knew, but writing through it has always put things back in garden shape for me — and having a place to share grief & fear & hope makes it feel more of a communal burden. Thanks for bringing this to earthweal. — Brendan

  2. You are so right, climate change is no longer a future threat. So we are a bunch of worrywarts but the worry is real, that humans can never learn. Thanks for adding a voice, and from Sweden! I love these connections.

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