Deadly Waters

Raphael Andres [CC BY 3.0]

With water to protect borders.
Just close the ports to stop migrants from coming.
They’ll drown.
But what value do we assign someone leaving failing states to seek a better life?

In-continent frozen waters.
European mountain winter, show paperless migrants from a wholly different clime.
Why all winter-snow bearing people through history found it wise to respect, fear and revere the Gods of Cold.


Wrote this after again reading about migrants dying to enter or cross Europe.
And that the UN has declared climate refugees can not be sent home – I wonder I anyone cares…

Apparently I where unclear in my previous post today – It rains! Right? – that was my first earthweal post this week and this will be my second. Last weeks challenge prompt Ghost made me write this – Restless rest.

Beira (Scottish myth)
Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions]

3 thoughts on “Deadly Waters

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  1. There are going to be a lot more climate refugees in the years ahead. People will be too busy trying to survive to worry about borders. Glad you addressed this aspect of climate change. And happy to see you at Earthweal.

  2. If only the UN had teeth in their proclamations — so many millions will be on the move from a changing climate. With numbers so vast, it’s hard to have keep empathetic. It’s like grieving for the billion animals killed in Australlia’s recent brushfires. Thanks for this second contribution to earthweal this week – Brendan.

  3. Right…those pesky migrants. Soon borders will no longer matter. Not even Trump’s billion dollar wall will stop them. And how much better use could be made of “our” dollars. Oops…don’t get me started.

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