It rains! Right?

Brocken Inaglory [CC BY-SA]

– But Sir! Water is getting scarce!

– I don’t care if water is getting scarce.
– We’ll buy it! We’ll buy all the land, and get all the water and air rights.
So we can keep water our gardens in the desert.
Keep filling out swimming pools next to the ocean.
Keep flying our private jets hither and thither.

– Sir. May I ask? The people…

– It rains all the time. People will have rain water. 

– It will be great! 

– You’ll see…

Sometimes reality feels way more trough-the-looking-glass wacky then fiction itself. Satire, irony and gallows-humor is my way of coping.

The first contribution to the weekly challenge: WATER at earthweal.

7 thoughts on “It rains! Right?

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  1. Sometimes sarcasm works best. Yup….need those golf courses and casinos and fountains in the desert. Just leave the Great Lakes alone, you brain dead morons!

  2. Congratulations RedCat, on this, your first weekly writing prompt, on Earthweal.

    Yvonne, the US is already taking water, from the Great Lakes basin, for Chicago. Also, have plans to ship water, to states, like Nebraska, who have used up their own aquafers, to irrigate their cornfields.

    Honestly, this year, will mark the 4th of out of 5 years that Lake Ontario has set new record highs, for water levels. Last December, they opened the St Lawrence Seaway locks, to let some of the excess water, into the Atlantic Ocean.

    And yes, parts of Toronto, was flooded, as a result. Doesn’t help that a chunk of the downtown core, is reclaimed land, from the 19th century. All of the land, south of Front Street, was once water.

    As for the Fascist wannabe, living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, hope he gets impeached, but not holding my breath. His lineage traces back to Reagan, and his 2 terms, during the 1980s.

  3. I know. You can’t make this stuff up. Did you see, in the same week, the platypuses in Australia are dying in the thousands because the rivers are drying up, depleted by multinationals, so some dimwit decided they should shoot 10,000 camels “because they drink too much water” ???? Sometimes I think I will go mad.

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