Consumer lament

Shop Until You Drop – Banksy

We demand action. Now!

We want our elected to do something about greenhouse gas emissions. Find better alternatives so we can keep gas guzzling cars and vacations flying all over the world.

We demand change. Now!

We want the industry to use no toxic chemicals or to use too much water or too much energy. Find other materials so we can keep buying cheap stuff everyday.

We demand ecological food. Now! 

We want farmers to produce excellent, clean, local, organic meat and vegetables. So we can keep boasting about our happy cow steaks while saving a buck buying imported meat every other day of the week.

We demand a better word. Now!

We want someone else to invent a solution.
So WE don’t have to think about our consumption.

That changing consumer patterns is probably the only way to actually do something about climate change!

We demand to be left left alone at our screens, behind closed doors.
We feel appalled that you say we have to consider the bigger picture.
We just wanted to chase more money and more things until the end of days.

After reading about the comment that Greta Thunberg has to read economy. I wonder if there is anyone out there in position of real power who’s willing to own up to the fact that the economy will have to CHANGE if we are to save ourselves and future generations from global climate crisis, upon crisis, upon crisis...

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12 thoughts on “Consumer lament

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  1. The economy runs on presenting the idea that, what ever you have, it isn’t enough and you need the next thing (which they just happen to have available NOW! so get out that credit card!) If the economy depended upon people like me who never bought that BS, the entire system would crumble. But then, I’m a poet and beneath their consideration. ;-)

    1. That and the fact that all western economies are built on forever growth, meaning forever more resources needed will be the doom of us all. Until enough people get that they themselves have to to much of the changing.

        1. Thank you. Where so glad when I stumbled on it on Wiki commons. It fit perfectly, didn’t think I’d find one who did. So thanks Banksy for always trying to make us think again. 😀

  2. Thanks — There is growing evidence that social influence can pressure policy changes. It just gets to damned expensive to keep one’s head in the sand. Manifestos like this for social action make corporate teeth grind. Keep it up! – Brendan

  3. This is very pragmatic, straightforward and scathing in its use of contrast. Our wants and needs are simple enough, yet we’ve been fooled into thinking we have to attain something unimaginably complex to be happy, without ever looking under the hood. Great voice here, and all the right questions.

  4. We have been protesting these issues since the 70s and 80s but speaking truth to power has had limited success. Things are going from bad to worse.

  5. Oh you are SO RIGHT. As long as “economic interests” come first with our legislated officials, (so they can be re-elected), we are screwed. However you make a very good point about how our consumer dollars can eventually effect response, especially in the area of choosing a more plant-based diet. I wish everyone would stop buying single use plastic water bottles, too.

  6. Makes me think of Bush’s advice after 9/11 to go out and shop. That was it, all we had to do to make things right. Just watched Greta’s speech at Devos.

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