Deceptive mirage

The door is left open
Another try to seduce me through
See the blue sky
The inviting waters
All this could be yours yours
Just leave all that’s You at the door
Accept insignificance and abuse
Paradise surface your reward

Or stay in the barren desert
Scraping by alone
Thinking you can craft a way out
Syllable by syllable
Word upon word
Imagining a world
Without abuse


Written for Sunday Muse # 92.

13 thoughts on “Deceptive mirage

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  1. This is powerful. I have been in exactly that place, looking through the open door of my cage, afraid to stay, afraid to leave. Thankfully, the time comes when there is no choice, and we fly.

  2. Sometimes the first step out the door is the hardest one of all. I can feel the pain in your words RedCat. Wonderful writing on a subject that affects so many and causes so much hurt. So glad to see you again at the Muse. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. What a catch 22–when neither the surface nor the pain seem desirable. You paint them vividly, and I see the stark contrasts. I choose to linger until I empower myself to build a better choice.

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