Hive kids

Karalevna25 [CC BY 4.0]

Everyday at dawn and dusk.
The hive kids are taking out to dust.
To jolly run hither and thither.
Smearing pollen on their pollen collective Wings.
Then darting to the next plantation to fertilize the next generations of crop and flower.

Once we had small flying insects for the job.
But since they all got wiped in the sixth extinction.
We used to smallest, cutest, happiest, kids from the climate refugee camps. Their life is much better in the Honey Hives than outside.


Written for weekly challenge: THE ANIMALS OF CLIMATE CHANGE at earthweal.
Another take on how I feel about all those living things perishing because of humans – She-wolf – another eartweal post of mine.

8 thoughts on “Hive kids

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  1. This is an interesting angle. I hope the government never gets the idea of those kids being a cheap labor source. Yikes. Bad enough they have to go to court alone, without adult representation. I cant even believe everything that’s happening. Thanks for joining in…….am off to read your She-Wolf poem. I am so fond of wolves as you may have gathered.

  2. Yowch. That’s a thought and probably true, hiving poor kids and tapping their glee. Slave honey. But I wonder, how far is that from our current “agri-culture”? — Well done … – Brendan

  3. I am sure this time will come…
    I too have heard of hand pollination of tree crops in parts of China.
    But when the time does come, there are not enough humans to hand pollinate all our crops…
    Anna :o[

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