A Dozen Years

A Better World — Artist: Joel Pett

Not even two score year
A point of no return is very near
But the truth, if you hear
If that act NOW is already here

We have to change the global energy system complete
Stop this level of consuming and nature mistreat
Realize we have only one planet, now downbeat
We’ve broken the system so the planet will overheat

For decades I’ve been but a bore
Talking a climate, toxicology, climate and more
Saying it’s one system from shore to shore
I’m glad the young are finally starting to ROAR

We don’t really have the race psyche
Accepting the race is still so childlike
Instead of chasing the next social like
We should all participate in the next climate strike


In the poem I cite one commonly misunderstood time-span in witch to ACT!
Read,“What Does ’12 Years to Act on Climate Change’ (Now 11 Years) Really Mean?” and “Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months” for a better understanding.
And wonders if not more of us adults should join Greta Thunberg och #FridaysForFuture for the next big climate strike
(14th February in Sweden)

Written for earthweal open link weekend #5.

3 thoughts on “A Dozen Years

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  1. What can one say? I too have been talking about it fir decades, as have many others — but no-one in power seemed to be listening, and even now still trying to deny. Power to Greta’s voice and that of her companions! And yet, is it enough? Wonderful if we would all be able to join her and finally be heard!

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