Raven Key

Ben Heine Art Photography
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On the other side of the veil
Where mythological creatures are real
The raven thought gives the key
To the halls of memory

Reach for that survivor courage
Dare to cross the bridge
Embark on true self quest
Free spirit without abuse your conquest

Seeking survival not really a choice
I have to find my soul’s true voice


Written for Sunday Muse # 93.

9 thoughts on “Raven Key

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  1. I LOVE “The raven thought gives the key to the halls of memory.” Love the mythological reference. Love the encouragement to make the true self quest – which is the point of the journey. A wonderful poem!

  2. That “Seeking survival not really a choice” line stunned me, until I realized you meant seeking EASY survival. Got to take the leap to survive, yes. You use two meanings of survival in this poem, and both speak to me.

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