When you come to call one day
Make your wishes clear with a nosegay
Depending on the weekday
There’s so much you could say
In my secret heart I pray
You’ll arrive on love’s day

On Saturn’s day
New bathed, with a Belladonna spray
Good intentions might be gainsaid

On the Sun’s day
With a mistletoe you say
I wanna kiss and cuddle all day

On the Moon’s day
Iris and Lily may
A message of beauty portray

On Mars’s day
Basil good wishes convey
How steadfast you’ll stay

On Mercury’s day
Fragrant lavender portray
The grace of our dancing sway

On Jupiter’s day
Dandelion makes us feel young and gay
Like singing musicals on Broadway

On Venus’s day
If you choose Roses and Hibiscus nosegay
I know the talking bouquet flowers say
I want to love and cherish you to my last living day


Written for What day is it anyway? at dVerse, and Weekly Scribblings #5: A Mouthful Of Flowers at Poet’s and Storytellers United.


15 thoughts on “Nosegay

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  1. What a gorgeous merging of the two prompts! I especially love; “On Jupiter’s day/Dandelion makes us feel young and gay/Like singing musicals on Broadway.” You have a beautiful way of expressing emotions through imagery :) Thank you so much for writing! 💝💝

  2. Oh, that’s lovely. I love how you’ve subverted that original dialect poem and turned it into something graceful and loving. I love the way you’ve linked the flowers and the days of the week, and I enjoyed the reminder of the day deities (dayities???) – we have gods in our mouths all the time and forget about it.

  3. I love the title; nosegay is a word nobody uses these days and I wish they would, it tickles the senses! I enjoyed the magical tone of this poem, like a spell, the way it begins with Saturn’s Day and each day has a fragrant plant. My visual favourite the dandelion, but want to inhale the bouquet of rose and hibiscus.

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