Writing feels clunky

Michael Coghlan from Adelaide, Australia [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Tried to write a story for Friday Fictioneers
But it feels like cotton wool between the ears
Probably toothache painkillers far-off
Beginning fever, sneezes and cough
With a quiet sob
Gave it up as a bad job

Writing feels clunky
Gears that almost fit
Every stanza balky
Resisting every wit
Words seems achy
Forced to flit
Between fevered sickly
And jawbone unknit
Mind rages stormy
Jumping from tidbit to tidbit
Muse all dizzy
Lost and unfit
Can’t find a story
Might as well quit


4 thoughts on “Writing feels clunky

Add yours

  1. Hi… ya know what my pet peeve is? People who call themselves writers when they write about not being inspired or able to write. People who write about being the poet rather than actually writing the poetry. I don’t give a Sh*t about people’s writers block or how they aren’t feeling inspired. When you get over your cold, consider writing for real. Nobody cares when you can’t do it.
    Feel better soon. Only post when you have something real to write about.
    And even if ya don’t like my comment… My 2 cents matters more than yours… ‘cuz I do not write about obstacles to writing.

  2. Don’t quit. When words come to you write them down. Not everything thing you write will be your best, but it will be the best for that day, and every word you write makes you better for the next piece. Have a great weekend.

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