Every shade but white

Tim Green from Bradford [CC BY 2.0]

From tan to brown, to black and back again
Every shade but white
You say we’re worth different, due to sight?
I can’t possibly have heard you right?
There are NO human races
Just different phenotypes
No master people, to rule us all
Just insatiable power hungry ego blight
Don’t take the bite
Use your heart, not sight
Shine a revealing light
Give compassion, not spite
Systematic injustice fight
Because in the end
When we go to that long night
Beneath the skin
We’re all alike


Written for Poetics: Black History Month at dVerse.

As you know by now, I like to make my pieces musical or with a beat. So this time I really tried to write something made for reading out loud.

The nerve to do so in front of others, is a long way off, but I have started to play with the idea of recording readings. Even though hearing/seeing yourself on tape can be a truly cringe worthy experience. :-)

12 thoughts on “Every shade but white

Add yours

  1. As an old actor and open mic poet, I assure you this piece would work well being read aloud. Keep pushing yourself; reading or performing your own words is very rewarding.

  2. I love the rhythm in this poem – you’re right, it is great for reading aloud! I like the way it speeds up with the imperatives, and the line ‘When we go to that long night’ stretches out.

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