Walking Cliché


I often feel like a walking cliché
Head high, shoulders back
No trauma damage to see
Told to hide hurt
Persuaded to be, not me
Conceal truth or others will see

Year on years
I used the persona as a shield
Tried to persuade myself
Eventually it would become real
But it’s a hollow construct of bits of me
Not the whole good and bad
Full moon blooded
Goddess blessed priestess
Chaos complexity
Complete woman



Written for Weekly Scribblings #6: Turn Cliché into Poetry or Prose.

12 thoughts on “Walking Cliché

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  1. “Just be yourself” isn’t as easy as the cliché implies, either when we don’t really know who we are, or it’s not who others want us to be. I like the affirmation in the end, it feels very bold to say I’m “Me”.

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