Sounds of Raging Storm

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn Miller

Woke in the middle of the night, sounds of raging storm. Yet, outside only light rain. I followed father out. In the distance, beyond our old barn, centered over the tree-hill, where the darkest storm I’ve ever seen.
I could see a shiver run through father, then, in strangely hushed tones he order me inside. He went to check the livestock.

Couldn’t get back to sleep. So I waited until dawn, then snuck out. I never believed the witch-hill legend, I’d always thought it an ancient burial mound. But what had frightened father so? I set off for the barn.

© RedCat

100 word story for Friday Fictioneers. This time I tried to write something in the same universe, as another story that just started to take shape. Which made it much harder than usual to keep to just a hundred words, and not keep writing.

So I learned two things. Flash fiction continuation is hard, and the story from the other day has way more miles in it. Have to put some time aside and see if I could truly expand it to at least novel length.

Click on the frog to read more stories. :-)

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