Let me run with you

Photography by Sarolta Ban

Leader of the pack
High priestess of the coven
Knowing every secret track
Supported by her dozen

Between you stand a suppliant
Heart and soul plea
Broken good girl remnant
Growth requires room to be free

Surrender myself to your wisdom
There’s nothing left but inner trust
No time left to be steered by the fearsome
Break free, return to life governed by soul’s lust


Once again this photo prompt is eerie in its synchronicity. The other day I listened to a podcast that mentioned a book I haven’t thought of in years. Tried to find it, to no avail. Then this photo, that touches upon the book, my thoughts, my insights… Everything swirling around right now, due to my intense meditation schedule. So I searched for the book again. Without finding it. Tomorrow I’ll head to the attic to search some more…

The book I’m talking about is – Women Who Run with the Wolves. Read this article – which happen to contain marvelous art – to know why you should read it.

Poem inspired by the photo from Sunday Muse # 96.
Also linking to Writers’ Pantry #8: We Like Multiples of Three
Promote Yourself Monday, 2/24/20 and Roundup for 2/17/20.

19 thoughts on “Let me run with you

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  1. Oh oh I have heard about this book! It speaks of myths, fairy tales, folk tales and stories from different cultures and suggests that wolves and women are analogous by nature :D Stunning write 💝💝

  2. i loved that book! thank you for bringing back some memories I have around reading that, for the longest time I have had a fascination with wolves and their family dynamics. you use the phrase inner trust so powerfully here

  3. “Broken good girl remnant” I inhaled at that line just so that I could take it in. It’s like she can no longer be contained, no longer “steered by the fearsome” She makes of herself, her self.

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