Peel by Peel

Ever felt the need to go deep
To soul-wisdom seek
Peel away personas, distractions, searching, fear
Find way to hear
Courage to all parts of yourself meet
What will you feel
Who will you be
After layers, peel by peel
True inner self reveal

Once again I’m sleepless in Stockholm. So I gave up on tossing and turning to see what I could do with peel. And ended up with a take on “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Meaning a fair warning for those that consider going into deeper meditation. It can – temporarily – feel like hell, but there’s hope and love in the other end.

Posted as response to Quadrille #98 – Peelings, Nothing More…

5 thoughts on “Peel by Peel

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  1. I think the layers are not really who we are….just coatings created by our experiences and reactions to them. It would be wonderful to return to the core of our being.

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