January – February wrap

© RedCat

Midwinter, new years, without winter, the dark felt endless.
Winter solstice, seasonal introspection, renewed will, intent to change.
Birch Moon, lights return, energies thaw, chance to learn, to grow.
Realisation dawns, emotions poured out on page,
stay there, take hold, are felt by others.
Lonely, yet cared for. Nearly friendless, yet surrounded by love and empathy.

February. Coldest month of year – warmest ever.
If the snow hasn’t fallen now – spare us a late March one.
Quickening Moon, first glimpses of spring to come.
Know beating depression requires change. Self-faith.
No reading have ever gotten me there.
Can a compassionate conscious breath be the answer?

Writing now a habit, daily practice, to pour onto paper.
Turn life, love, thoughts, ideas, to poetry, or lately,
maybe even fictionalized scenes here or there.
And all you who read this, have help a seed germinate.
Slowly belief – I have a special way with words – are taking root.

Your kind, loving feedback means so much. ❤️

© RedCat

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