Sit, waiting, longing, only you

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Sit, waiting, longing, only you
My skin long for, your lips, your kiss
I know, my dream, you fill, so true
Sit, waiting, longing, only you
We lay, together, close, we two
Fulfilling need, love trading bliss
Sit, waiting, longing, only you
My skin long for, your lips, your kiss


This is my first ever try at a Triolet, and iambic tetrameter. I have so far stayed away from meters, because I find that infinetly harder in Enlish than Swedish. So I wouldn’t be surprised if by now I’m blinded to any faults.
But I had a fun time trying.

So, what is a triolet? It has about the same number of words as a quadrille, but the word-count is not what matters. Looking at Wikipedia, a triolet’s characteristics are the following.

The poem has 8 lines.
The rhyme scheme is abaaabab.
The meter is iambic tetrameter, that is, each line has four accented syllables with each accented syllable preceded by an unaccented syllable.
The first, fourth and seventh lines repeat.
The second and eighth lines repeat.

Posted as a response to Almost a Triolet at dVerse, and inspired by the often thought provoking photo at Sunday Muse # 97.

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    1. I think you did a wonderful good job, R.C. For me it was a very good triolet. I didnt count with finger taps but reading it aloud the meter was great. Fi ne rhyme, I think that would be the hardest here.

  1. The triolet is a form I very much want to try. There is real musicality in this piece both because of it’s structure but also the rhythm. Stroking the keys of the piano can feel like a lovers touch, the sounds change based on how hard or soft they are touched. In this I imagined softness.

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