Grieving Gallery

“Eyes Without a Face” by Digital Collage Artist Robin Isely

After receiving keys to the halls of memory
Not everything comes instantly clear
To know the whole truth, embark on soul journey
Depart ready to reevaluate everything held dear

Follow vision through the halls
Guided safe from wandering lost
Listen to those deep soul calls
Let yourself be guided by hearts trust

There will be some painful recalls
Abuse has left wells of sorrowfulness
In frame after frame upon these walls
Drain them all to reach forgiveness

Revisit all that’s walled away
Beneath it all, find a new peace
Release everything that outlived its stay
In nurtured sacred space, sow new life lease

For now, be here, in the grieving gallery
From eyes on every wall, in every frame
Versions of me left lost in lonely solitude
With tearful eyes wonders the same

I will find peace, purpose, self-love within
It will set my soul free
Am I destined to live only within my skin
Is there a loving friendship out there for me


Once again time for my favorite picture prompt – The Sunday Muse. I look forward to each Saturday when I get to see this weeks inspiration. More then once has the picture taken my muse to new heights, as in “After the Rain”. This poem is a companion both to that one and to “Raven Key”.

This week has been spent in wondering how much to worry about pandemic, and in some state of emotionally drained after now three weeks of intense meditation and compassion focused therapy.

© RedCat

12 thoughts on “Grieving Gallery

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  1. Ah, the title is perfect! The recipe for life indeed includes sorrow. Yet when one looks back, at my age, it is the happiness and all the blessings that one remembers. Maybe on the other side of the gallery walls are smiles. I hope so.

  2. Oh that hall of memory and the feelings and hurt rekindled. This is deep and lovely RedCat!! It makes me happy you look forward to each weeks prompt. It is our pleasure and I look forward to finding the next image and I know Shay does too. 🤩🤩

  3. How we all go through the phase “Is there a love interest out there for me?” Of course there is but it may not seem the obvious one but one you had not considered originally.

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