Poison drip, drip, drip

sliced black apple on a black background with a slice

Corrupted from glossy skin to
pip, pip, pip
Cursed to look harmless til it touches
lip, lip, lip
Generations inherited abusive
scrip, scrip, scrip
Flow from overripe fruit at a
nip, nip, nip
Baptized in its dark delusion
dip, dip, dip
Programmed for a gaslamp switch to
flip, flip, flip
Ingested while still on mums
hip, hip, hip
No other world than this nightmare
trip, trip, trip
Work to prove outer worth will
whip, whip,whip
Hound until reality
slips, slips, slips
Whole life in hells searing
grip, grip, grip
Worn down, layer after layer
strip, strip, strip
Poison flow in a steady
drip, drip, drip
Until soul and mind tears
rip, rip, rip
Cut down into little windblown
chip, chip, chip


Inspired by the alluring photo from The Sunday Muse #99.
Posted to Writers’ Pantry #11: Words Can Be Rather Nutritious.
And shared to Promote Yourself Monday.

Staff of York Museums Trust

28 thoughts on “Poison drip, drip, drip

Add yours

    1. *LoL* I have never thought before to use triplets of the same words, but after the first logged in my mind I couldn’t go anywhere else it seems…

      Just read it aloud quickly instead of slowly as I usually do. And oh my… You’re spot on. Sound like a rambling addict. Totally missed that. 🤭

  1. RedCat you have outdone yourself! The repetition makes it even more powerful! It reminds me of the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland but sadly representing the crazy world of now.

    1. I’m no longer watching news, I’m drowning in constant updates. And can’t seem to stop looking/reading/listening. It’s taking over every second of waking time.

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