Take a Step Back

© RedCat

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax

If the world feels ready to crack
The life you’ve known gone
Reality suddenly re-drawn
That’s precisely when, you need to

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax

Grant yourself time to feel
Time to be, time to grieve
Allow yourself moments of peace
Right now, when the world cries out in need

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax

Give yourself space
A few moments of divine grace
Allow room for trust, love and hope
Gift yourself the strength to cope

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax

Ground yourself with breath
A few heartbeats of grounded rest
Allow yourself to gather your defences
Wisdom to chart a path through severe consequences

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax


Last week felt rough, my group therapy got cancelled, due to corona. If it restarts is anyone’s guess. I also felt drawn in every direction at once, trying to juggle working at home and home schooling the kids. I did write, but had no energy for prompts as I use to.

During the weekend I finally got some real time to meditate.

Take a step back

Allow yourself time to relax

Was the message I received.
So I decided to let myself think of other things then the growing pandemic and the severe economic consequences looming on the horizon.

The result is directly clear. If I allow myself a step back and a few moments of peace. I feel less overwhelmed. Less hopeless. Less isolated.
Able to focus on sparks of joy and beauty. Able to write.

To all known and yet unknown friends.
Take care of yourself.

Remember there are friends out there.
Remember to be compassionate towards yourself and others.
Remember that we all deserve moments of peace and stillness.

© RedCat

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