Box – a Couplet

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In the box, fragments of me
Shameful shards, bits I rather not be


I wrote this couplet a few days in my notebook, but couldn’t get any further. Now, I use it as it is for Franks Final Couplet challenge.

A couplet is two similar lines of verse. Both lines have the same meter. They do not have to rhyme. However, they should make sense together and have a similar metrical structure.

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8 thoughts on “Box – a Couplet

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  1. good poem, when two lines invoke a feeling it must be. Can relate. I accepted that we all carry that box and now I guess I am making a some kind of mural-mirror from the pieces to see who I am. :-) Some are usable.

    1. Thank you! :-) Always feel both joy and empathy when someone can relate. As that probably means they have been trough some rough times themselves. Hope your mural shows some insights, I tend to learn more about myself when examining those shards.

  2. I’m glad you’ve got the shards contained safely in a box, within reach. You can choose how often you open it and examine the contents. You said a lot in two lines.

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