Night with the Muses

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

A quick check on the children. Stroking a forehead, tucking in feets.

Then the night belongs to me and my muses.

A cup of fragrant Yogi tea. A glas of wine.

Ritual to settle the mind before a deep dive. Immersion in past trauma, old harmful programming. Writing for hours upon hours, transforming fear and hurt. Into witty words. Beautiful stanzas. World’s born from imagination. Spinning rhymes, sounding syllables,.
Following feets and meters.

Word alchemy to heal.

The witching hour passes. The muses depart. Another night sacrificed.
Tomorrow comes the work of typing it up. Revising and editing for publication.

© RedCat

Time for Friday Fictioneers, and this time I landed in another installment of turning my life into fictional tales.

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