Build a New Start

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Worry swirling, keeping awake
Fear and disease, dreams take

Heart beat, draw breath
How many, until I face death

Soul cries, blood flows
Act now! The world never slows

Live true, free spirit
Loving kindness, universal true merit

Fierce mind, brave heart
Embrace change, build a new start


Inspired by a sleepless night, and Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

The last weeks I’ve been struggling with if it’s right to write in a time like this. After much thought and meditation on the subject. Instead I decided to trow myself into writing and sharing. Poetry, my meditation and compassion mind training journey, some prose, and small things that put a smile on my face or brightens the day.

9 thoughts on “Build a New Start

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    1. For me it’s been therapy all along. So that’s one reason I’ve decided to keep going, even if everything feels off right now.

      Thanks for the encouragement! :-)

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