Staring out a Windowpane

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

She stared out the windowpane.
The garden looked the same.
No help to an pandemic frame.

To witness the historic now.
While searching for how
To relieve suffering somehow.

Her reverie disturbed.
Flutter of wings is heard.
A landing blackbird.

In its birds eye gaze.
Reflection show all the ways.
Loving compassion leads out of this maze.

So she starts to write.
What she saw with her inner sight.
As she meditated on this long dark human night.

That every human need to reflect.
On everyone’s worth and need to love connect.
To responsibility for planet and all humans accept.


Inspired by the Friday Fictioneer photo, and my meditation found mantra from earlier today.

A prose poem story in 100 words.

Click on the frog for more stories.

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