Swirling Colors of my Mind

Photo by ahmed adly on Pexels.com

Empathy and vivid imagination
Currently leads to fear and trepidation
Chained to see every suffering situation

Death and sickness
Critical equipment shorness
Avalanche economic foreclosures

Swirling colors of my mind
Dark and horrible hues of every kind
Hoping a silver lining to find

Atom Bombs helping science
Hope behind resilience
Compassion during pestilence

Trust and vivid imagination
Now leads to bright grounding meditation
Comforted in divine love and wisdom given

Love and care
Learn and grow
Let true self show

Swirling colors of my mind
Dark shot trough by bright color of every kind
Trust love to care to love to find

Care for nature
Every living creature
Change human behaviour


This is a poem, a meditation, a prayer and a manifesto.

Inspired by recent meditations, the “Colors of my mind” prompt at GoDogGo, and the seventh GloPoWriMo prompt – to be inspired by a news article. I found this.

Whale sharks: Atomic tests solve age puzzle of world’s largest fish

A whale shark foraging for plankton
From the late 1940s, several nations including the US, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, France and China conducted atomic bomb tests in different locations.
One side effect of all these explosions was the doubling of an atom type, or isotope, called Carbon-14 in the atmosphere.
Over time, every living thing on the planet has absorbed this extra Carbon-14 which still persists.
The study indicated that these creatures do actually live an incredibly long time.
"The absolute longevity of these animals could be very, very old, possibly as much as 100-150 years old," said Dr Meekan.
Read the whole article here.
Photo by Ithalu Dominguez on Pexels.com

Also linked to
earthweal weekly challenge: PANDEMIC AND CLIMATE CHANGE

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to a child left on my doorstep?
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8 thoughts on “Swirling Colors of my Mind

Add yours

  1. YES! Changing human behaviour is called for. We need leaders who are visionaries and people demanding change at the grassroots level. If we dont learn from this pandemic, we will be truly lost.

    1. Thank you! Both for the kind words and for caring. The hard times seems to lead to better poetry.
      I’m well enough. But being both very emphatic and already depressed when all this started doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

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