Make Art – Triolet inspired by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell

“A creative call to arms, the book will champion freedom of ideas, making art in the face of adversity and choosing to be bold. It will be inspirational to young and old, and will encourage glorious, creative rebellion.”


Be bold. Be rebellious. Make art.
Be wise. Make good art. It matters.
Set goals. Dream big. Follow your heart.
Be bold. Be rebellious. Make art.
Read books. Get ideas. Make art.
Be brave. Be free. Be dreamers. Be.
Be bold. Be rebellious. Make art.
Be wise. Make good art. It matters.


I love triolets, ever since the form was introduced to me at dVerse. I’ve blogged two so far, both belonging to the serious side, Sit, waiting, longing, only you and Awash in Aching Loneliness. So today I tried to find some hope and light to write about.

My eyes fell on – ART MATTERS – by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddell. My Easter gift. A little nugget of hope. A fairy light showing the unseen path. Bright shining wise words.

After that first line, the feet and rhythm, made their own melody. As they so often do.

My gratitude and thanks to Frank Hubeny for teaching me this form and to misters Gaiman and Riddell for hope and inspiration.

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before”

― Neil Gaiman, Art Matters

On prompt today at NaPoWriMo, also linking to The Writer’s Pantry, earthweal’s open link weekend and Promote Yourself Monday.

GloPoWriMo 2020

DAY 1 – Build a New Start
DAY 2 – Beloved Bookstore
DAY 3 – Sunshine and Hail
DAY 4 – Isolation Dating
DAY 5 –Staring out a Windowpane
DAY 6 – Casanova Comes Closer
DAY 7 – Swirling Colors of my Mind
DAY 8 – White – Red – Black
DAY 9 – Different World After
DAY 10 – Spring Hay(na)ku
DAY 11 – Love – Hay(na)ku
DAY 12 – Make Art – Triolet inspired
by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell
DAY 13 – What did you think would happen
to a child left on my doorstep?
DAY 14 – Ballad of the Lost Poet
DAY 15 – Writer’s class – Hay(na)ku
DAY 16 – What is a Nomad without a Tribe?
DAY 17 – Pale Spring, Here Again, Nature Awake
DAY 18 – Spring Day in the Garden
DAY 19 – Close Couplets
DAY 20 – Lost in Love’s First Flush
DAY 21 – She Tasted Like Memory
DAY 22 – Struggling Mind
DAY 23 – Written in the book of dust
DAY 24 – At the end of every week, Friday-Cozy!
DAY 25 – Slip, Crack, Shatter
DAY 26 – Humans Really Don’t Know
DAY 27 – April Rain
DAY 28 – Greeting the Watch Horse
DAY 29 – Letter of Hope
DAY 30 – Witches Walpurgis Night Preparation

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  1. I believe that artists are holding the world together, and have been from the beginning, when they were scrawling on cave walls.

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