She Tasted Like Memory

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He arose in historys murky fog
At first his undead longevity pleased him
He reveled in seeing the bigger picture
Humans can not, due to their short span
He delighted in play with susceptible people


As the centuries wore on, amusement wore off
Humanity never seemed to learn over time
His games all played out predictively
Eventually he became creake and old
Stale in his mind and ways
Remnant of the dark ages


History repeated itself again
Pandemic racing the now connected globe
Modern humanity reduced to medieval fears
Where’s the contagion?
Locking down and freezing in fear and panic


Quoriously, he found a pocket of calm
Far to the North
There he found something he thought lost to the world
A taste he hadn’t had in ages
A searching enlightened soul

She tasted like memory

© RedCat

I sometimes get an urge to write stories on the form of poems. This prompt did just that. Other examples is The ivory lighthouse and Fluitschip Zwaluw which happens to be part of the same larger tale.

Linking to Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, April 22, 2020.

GloPoWriMo 2020

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